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    "The Highest Quality Stone in Texas! Words that we stand behind.

    You are invited to experience old-fashioned personal and professional Quality service that is given to each customer. We will help you with your order process from start to finish. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

    We offer:

    Fax: 254-793-3503
    efax: 512-532-0320

    Hours: Mon-Thur: 8am-4pm
    Fri: 8am- 2pm

    Closed Sat & Sun

    sandblasted example

    Example of sandblasted stone

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    Custom Cross sample

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Never feel that your question is silly or stupid, just because you have no prior knowledge about stone. The only question that is either of those is the one you don't ask!! We are here to help you learn and understand about the stone business, so please ask as many questions as you like if not answered below.

    1.Where do you deliver? Bulk: We deliver 12 tons or more in bulk, within a radius of 50 miles of the quarry for a small 10% fuel charge. Stone quantities less than 12 tons will be subject to a delivery fee,
    so please call for a price quote.

    Palletized stone can be delievered anywhere in Texas or continetal USA. You must have a machine to off-load pallets at the time of delivery. Most trucking companies allow 1 hour for unloading to be included in pricing. Price quotes are valid for 7 to 15 days in most cases.

    Out of state orders: Prices are based on the trucking company hired to deliver the stone. All out of state orders must be palletized. We can arrange out of state deliveries for you, or you can arrange your own. All orders leaving Texas must be tarped. Call for a price quote. Please have the exact delivery address available so we can give you an accurate quote. Due to the changing fuel charges, the price may change slightly from the time your quote is given, to actual pick up and delivery. Most trucking firms will maintain estimated quote price for 7 to 15 days. Specialty cut stone, such as mantles and hearths etc., we recommend that you pick up whenever possible, due to the extra handling involved . Special cuts that are to be delivered by truck may require additional crating and charges.

    When having Blocks delivered, please specify that the trucks you order bring donage (boards to put under blocks) to aid in off loading. We do not supply boards.

    2. How thick and what is the coverage of the chopped stone for a exterior of a house? We cut our stone 3-1/2 to 4-1/2" thick. (Allow a 5" ledge for the stone.) The larger sizes of stone, may be larger in thickness, due to the size, because it is more difficult to cut the larger height sizes to exact thicknesses. All 2-10" chopped stone will fit on a "brick ledge". Most of our chop stone averages at least 45 sq. ft. per ton. (Our customers are telling us that is about 50 sq.ft. per ton.)

    3. What colors does the chop rock come in? We carry variations of white, cream & rust. We also have grey, caramel and Sandstone. *Stones are not just one color. There are 2 "faces" to each stone in full veneer , one light side and one darker side. You and/or your mason can decide how much color you would like on your home or project. * We now carry a line of sandstone that will be terrific added to any of our mixes, or as a stand alone product. Come by to see for yourself!!

    4. What color and thickness does flagstone or "builders" come in? Flagstone is irregular shaped natural stone. The color varies from colored "earth tones" which includes yellows, browns, reds and orange and also white. The flagstone variance ranges from 3" to 5" thick for the exterior of a house, or 8-10" thick if you want large pieces for "boulders". Flagstone for exteriors, averages about 40 sq. ft. per ton.

    5. What color and thickness does natural patio stone come in? Patio is a natural irregular shaped stone, like flagstone, but only 1" to 3" thick, we do not separate thicknesses. It comes in a variety of earth tones to include reds, yellows, browns and orange mixed colors. Our natural patio averages 60 sq. ft. per ton.

    6. What is diamond sawed patio stone? Diamond saws are used to saw this stone to a smooth finish. It ranges from 3/4" (in tile sizes only) to 4 " thick. We have white, cream and grey colors available in diamond sawed patio stone. Square footage is determined by the thickness. Example: 1 ton of 2-1/4" will yield approx.75 sq. ft. and 1 ton of 1-1/4" will yield approx. 120 sq. ft. The thinner it is, the more footage it covers. The thinner it is the more expensive it becomes because it is more fragile and requires different machining and handling. We can cut other sizes upon request.

    7. Drystack: Comes in white. We cut several sizes such as 6" x 8" to 6" x 12" and 8" x 6" to 8" x 12". Square footage will be determined by the size stone generally, between 18 and 25 sq. ft. per ton, depending on the size you choose. See our "Drystack" page for sizes and coverage.

    8. Can you use drystack without mortar? Yes, if you use the 10-12" thick stone. It will also depend on if it is free standing, and how high the stone will be stacked. For safety reasons, make sure you check with a mason or building codes before attempting to stack rock too high.

    9. Do you have masons that install? Quality Stone does not install stone. We can possibly refer a mason in your area, if we have worked with him and knows that he does an excellent job. However, we do not endorse anyone and it is up to you to decide who you want to do your work. We suggest that you ask for references,get several estimates and look at other jobs each has done before deciding. The BBB and Builder Associations can also help.

    10. Do you make sills and lentils? Yes, we make 6 sides sawed smooth, beveled or profiled as well as chop face sills and lentils. All our sills and lentils are made to your specific sizes and treatments. Please allow time for the stone to be cut.

    11.What is profiled stone? Dimensional stone that has been designed with curves and other shapes that our saws can cut, such as fireplaces, door and window surrounds. See "specialty cuts" section of our website for examples.

    12.Do you keep mantles and hearths on hand? Normally No. Each fireplace is going to be a different size. You want your mantle and hearth to fit perfectly to your fireplace. Therefore, we custom cut each mantle and hearth to size when you order it. Please allow time for your order to be cut.

    13.Do you palletize? Yes, palletizing chop rock is an additional $15.00 per ton. All orders that are to be shipped out of state must be palletized.

    14. Do you match existing jobs? Yes we will do our very best. Send us a digital photo and we will see if we can match it. If the job is local, we will visit the job site if possible. If we think that we can match it, a sample will be made for your approval. You may also bring samples of the stone to the quarry so we can help you can match the stone yourself.

    15. Can you make something personalized for me? Yes. We will be very happy to personalize a stone, special shaped stone-with limitations, such as the shape of Texas, with your name or house number, logo or special idea. See "Stone Art", Silhouettes and our Specialty Cut pages to view a few samples. We have a page to honor pets of any kind. To honor your special friend with a memory stone or add a name plate in your home or garden, we will help you design that special piece. We have recently added stone crosses and can do special personalization such as names, cancer ribbon, hope/faith/love etc. There is a set up fee and each item is priced based on the artwork. To send a fax with a sample of your ideas, please fax to 254-793-3503, and include your contact information. You may email your ideas to us at office@qualitystone.com. You may also call for pricing.

    16. How come my stone looks different than the pictures or what I saw at the quarry? Sometimes the weather makes the stone wet so it may be darker, or sun drying it makes them appear lighter. Freshly cut stone is wet and looks a little different than stone that is setting out for a while. Also, with two faces on each stone, you may be seeing the lighter/or darker side. Remember that photographs sometimes distort the true colors because of film, sun, shade, time of day, etc. The true beauty of the stone is not always reflected in pictures. Also remember that the stone may be wet or dry and most certainly dusty. The best way to see the color is to wet the stone to remove dust and reveal the true colors. Sometimes when the stone is delivered and is dumped on the ground, the lighter sides may be facing the top so you can't see the color. We have had alot of people call in a panic thinking that they got the wrong stone. Once the mason starts putting the stone on the wall, the true color starts to show. Take a deep breath!

    17. Ordering chopped stone: You select your choice of sizes from 2"-10" in white, gray or cream (Standard) or up to 24" in rust, or any % of each of the sizes you choose. You can also select the % of color that you would like in each load. You may request specific sizes such as 4", 6", 8" etc or you may request 4-10" which means various sizes ranging from 4" to 10". Please note that ordering all 4" stone will cost more than the random sizes. Also, you can add grey, and/or caramel or sandstone to your mix for a dramatic addition. Ask about new color blends when you call. *(Please note that all 4" tall stone is more expensive that other sizes.)

    18.How can I send a sample picture to you? . Any format is okay-jpg, tiff, PDF, psd, bmp, gif. Send as an attachment, to office@qualitystone.com. Please add your picture as an separate attachment. Please include your name, and phone number, amount of stone needed and other information you think we might need, or would like to share in the email.

    19. Address Block or any stone item with color added: Any item that is left out in the weather will lose the paint sooner than indoor items. To help maintain the color we suggest that a clear sealer be put over the stone. You can use a brush on or spray on enamel or acrylic type spray. The main thing is to keep the stone from absorbing too much humidity which will cause the paint to push out of the sandblasted area. Seal any area that will be exposed to the elements once every year or two as needed. Some kind of a clear sealer, even the lowest price from big box store, is better than no sealer at all.
    There are many stone sealers to chose from. Thompsons Water Sealer in clear is excellant for areas around your home, for lower stone on your house, to avoid mud splashes before sod is put in.

    20. Information about Thin Veneer Stone presented by Building Stone Institute. Click here

    21. A brochure of our stone is now available for download. Click here.

    22. Effective Oct. 1, 2010: Due to an increase in fees to us, we must now add a convenience fee of 2% for Visa, Discover and Mastercard and 3% on Amex.

    23. Thin Veneer stone is a mix of both the front and back of a normal piece of full veneer. When ordering thin veneer you will get both "faces" or the back and front, so you will be getting a wide variety of color in your stone. This will be both the light and darker face of the stone.

    24. Quarry Blocks are not available in 5' lengths at this time. We are cutting in an area of the quarry that makes it impossible to get 5' blocks consistently. We are offering 2' to 4.5' blocks. These blocks are a little lower in price and will work just as well for a retaining wall.

    We rely on our customers to send us pictures of their finished projects. We would love to feature yours on our website or next brochure!


    Texas Building Stone LLC dba Quality Stone Company BBB Business Review


    Added Notes****

    **Please remember that there are 2 "faces" to each stone. One side will be darker than the other side. You must tell your mason how much of the dark or light you want to show. Two identical walls one laid with a light side and one of the darker side will look totally different. (A third wall laid with 50-50 would look different than the first two)

    Sometimes when you first receive your stone, it may look very light. This is most likely because the stone is dry and dusty, or the lighter colors are on top. Don't panic! Once the mason starts laying the stone, you will see all the color appear! Once you rinse the stone with the water the colors will change dramatically! Adding a sealer will make all stone appear darker. If you have an area that is muddy and/or the rain will splash mud on your new wall, adding a clear sealer will protect the stone from changing color.

    **Note: Stone, being a product of nature, gives us