About Us

Quality Stone Company has been providing exceptional limestone and service to our customers since 1996. Our core values are centered around teamwork and creativity to match the desires and needs of the customer with the stone. We are passionate about the world we live in and promote sustainable production methods to maintain consistency and quality.

Quality Stone materials meet the ASTM standards for dimensional limestone within the C568 category. The company is committed to excellence and providing the best finished product in the natural stone market.

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Not all stone products are the same. The stone mason requires a superior quality stone to produce superior finished product, call on Quality Stone Company for all your stone needs.

We take pride in our limestone production and go the extra mile to give you more for your dollar, by producing stone that is uniform in size and quality.

Company Mission

We provide quality stone products with unsurpassed service to meet the needs of every customer.

Company Vision

To be the premier natural stone provider.

"The displays and information you provided made decision-making much, much easier! We are really looking forward to having a beautiful fireplace."
Ginger G.